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All about andishone

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South Shields
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0 / 1000 / 100
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Male, from South Shields which is in the North East of Newcastle. I support Sunderland because i like to see my team be challenged and not just to allways win, i like watching people fight for the lead, which is why i play halo. I belive myself to be quite a classic halo player, i don't take it seriusly and have alot of fun players. I think it's great meeting people on halo because it's fun to hear different people telling you about themselves and making them a good friend on Xbox Live. I also play Call Of Duty 4, with great difficulty, be play it. I am 16 years of age and am moving to Africa in a place called TANZANIA on the 19th August 2009, i will be taking my Xbox with me and halo incase it is possible to connect to Xbox Live from there. I belive it will considering i have the internet in my house over there. I don't like show offs thinking and stateing that other people havn't as much skill as them, Personally, i do like winning but not enough to brag about it. I love chatting to people with no topic but just for the sheer crack of it. I like helping with the campaign, i have every offline achievment so if you need any help i will be esured to help. I am not exacly six pack material but have a reasonibly fit body.
Hobbies :
i like gaming obviusly, i like playing football and Rugby and a bit of tennis at times. My Lap Top is my life and i spend the majority of my time on it.
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I cannot be giving my personal phone numbers out for several reasons.
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