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1. Always present yourselves with a mature professional gaming attitude with diplomacy. No T-Bagging (squatting up and down over a dead opponents body), no trash talking of any type. Remember you are representing your individualism along with your gaming community inside as well as outside. Never take it personal!!! We are here to have fun but with order, honor, courtesy and respect. Your actions outside of LGO reflect upon us as a whole.
2. When you are a part of LGO you cannot be part of any other gaming league on any game or console.
3. WE HAVE A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY WITH DRAMA AND TROUBLE MAKING WITHIN THE COMMUNITY!!! In other words, we come on and play games in this community to be a family and have a good time. We work very hard to be as drama free as possible, but at times we do have individuals who insist on starting trouble or drama to make things "fun" in their way of thinking. This is the kind of immaturity we are not looking for in LGO. Any decision made by a Captain or any other higher rank; is for a reason no matter what the circumstance, and is in the best interest of the entire community. Please carry on and focus on your duties and more importantly the game itself, rather than concern yourself with what is going on that doesn't concern you! If you are one of these such individuals, THE COUNCIL WILL PERSONALLY GET INVOLVED AND REMOVE YOU FROM LGO IMMEDIATELY! Remember we are a strong oriented gaming community, not an online tabloid magazine!
4. Show courtesy to all ranks above and below you, we are professionals and a (family) to create the best possible playing environment for all.
5. You must register/setup a private profile on legiongaming.canadian-forum.com within one week of becoming a (member). Becoming a member means that you have went through your one week trial period and for purposes of the LGO Council the profile page lets us know who is joining our community. All information needs to be filled out complete and verified for mail and email notifications. After that, you will need to sign up on the forums and start posting there.
6. You must have a rank of Gunnery Sergeant before you can get a LGO Gamer tag. Remember this is not an immediate requirement, it is a right you have until your rank increases in the community. Also, you must get your tag aproved by your captain before making it.
7. Racism and discrimination will never be tolerated and is strictly prohibited in LGO! Any member being racist or discriminating towards anyone inside or outside LGO will instantly be removed from LGO (This includes age discrimination and gender discrimination). Foul language in the form of sexual harassment or profanity (trash talking to a LGO member or someone in another game) in general that offends any player inside or outside LGO will result in instant termination from LGO! This rule will strictly be enforced for we have a coed gaming community with various age ranges. So please watch your actions verbally.
8. There is no cheating! This includes purposely playing with any form of cheater in any game period . Forms of cheating are bridging to get host, standby, circle boosting, Moding, etc. This will result in an instant removal from LGO permanently as we a have zero tolerance policy with cheaters in LGO. Glitches like super bouncing, double shot, triple wielding, etc. are not considered cheating for the simple reason they are considered from the game designers.
9. Other players and gaming leagues/communities will be given the up most respect from us. If they do not show it in return, refrain from acting out of turn and choose to cease playing with or against them. Play with honor, not stupidity.
10. LGO members will never become enemies or provoke any other gaming league/community into hostile actions, we would rather remain neutral or allied with other gaming leagues rather than enemies.
11. By reading the Code of Conduct/Terms of Service you agree to the rules and regulations and are fully aware of how we operate. Failure to comply with the TOS/COC will result in being removed and/or banned from LGO permanently.
12. There will be no (Alien) websites made for LGO unless you have permission from the Admiral/General. In other words unless you get it approved by the Admiral/General, you MAY NOT create any websites having to do with LGO, such as with myspace, facebook, or any other websites.
13. You CANNOT be in more than one LGO division. If you want to transfer to a different division, you must first get approval from the majors over each division affected.
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