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Game Types
Guide to Players and Game Types

Never play the same if you are playing a different game type. Certain game types test certain skills and how flexible you are as a player.This guide is meant to help you understand and improve your game.

MLG defines three types of players...

-Pure slayer player: this is the person that gets all the power weapons he can get and even in objective based games he will just try to kill everyone. It is a lot easier for the objective player to do his job when everyone is dead after all.

-Support player: This type of player is supporting everyone. He puts the few extra shots in everyone so their team mates can kill the enemy. a support player should love his Battle Rifle more than anything else.

-Objective player: This player's main focus is to obtain the objective. Whether it be holding the oddball, being in the hill, or running the flag, this player is not obsessed with getting kills. Frequently the objective type player is not a skilled slayer player.
Remember: The more versatile and fluidly you can switch between these styles, the more valuable you become to your team.


Free for All: Free for all is the most basic matchmaking game type. When playing FFA, one of the basis premises is that your deaths do not count as much as team games. You still do not always want to suicide rush because that will not get you the lead. The real trick to FFA is knowing how to use power weapons or any weapon you can pick up and knowing how to steal kills. The best way to steal kills is via the battle rifle. If you just pick off the one shots with the battle rifle it will boost your kills on top of the kills you finished yourself.

Team Slayer:The key to team slayer is team work. Unlike team doubles or FFA, the weapon to person ratio is not as high. The biggest key in team slayer is to make sure that everyone is playing with the same strategy. Understand what type of player you are and what type of players are on your team. Itís not always what your strategy is, but just making sure that you have one and that everyone follows it. One of the biggest keys in most team slayer strategies is to take and control the power weapons. In team slayer you have to be flexible if you are playing with random players from matchmaking.

Team Doubles:The basic idea for team doubles is the same as Team Slayer with a few exceptions. The power weapons are still important; however it is much easier to get your hands on one. However, other than that the idea is the same. Make sure you have a strategy and that you and your partner are on the same page.

Team Objective:objective needs to be split up into the separate objectives.

King of the hill/Oddball: In these game types it is not good to stay extremely close. No more than one person should be in the hill at one time and no more than 2 should be in the room with the oddball. You need to secure a perimeter to get the maximum amount of time in the hill or with the ball.

Capture the Flag: One of the biggest misconceptions with capture the flag is when people keep a team member back to defend that flag. Most of the time, this will bite you in the butt. One of the exceptions to this is if the person that stays back and has some sort of power weapon so that they can help with the offense also.

Team Snipers:You have to treat the sniper rifle differently in team snipers then if you were to get one in team slayer for many reasons.The first reason being that there is unlimited ammunition. You can do things that you may not have done with limited ammo. Another thing is being sure to never be out of cover for too long or when fighting. The key is not always to get a headshot, but to get the kill. If you have to 2 shot the person, that is ok.


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