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Skull guide
Guide to Skulls

Gold Skulls:
1.Iron Skull
2.Black Eye Skull
3.Tough Luck Skull
4.Catch Skull
5.Fog Skull
6.Famine Skull
7.Thunderstorm Skull
8.Tilt Skull
9.Mythic Skull

Silver Skulls:
1.Blind Skull
2.Grunt Birthday Party Skull
3.Cowbell Skull
4.I Would Have Been Your Daddy-IWHBYD skull

Gold Skulls
1.Iron Skull- Located on the first level, Sierra 117. Is on the rooftop of a building behind where the marines are being held.
2.Black Eye Skull- Located on the second level, Crows Nest. Locted at the beginning of the level on top of the pipes on the ceiling.
3.Tough Luck Skull- Located on the third level, Tsavo Highway. When Covenant Cruiser flies over you go to the large pipe structure on your left. There are some beams holdin it up. Jump on one look to your left and you should see it. Follow the beams until you get it.
4.Catch Skull- Located on the fourth level, The Storm. When you get to the area where you meet the Wraiths do not destroy any of them. The skull is on top of a cylinder structure on the battlefield. You can get to it by grenade jump. You may also use a Warthog to get on the top.
5.Fog Skull- Located on fifth level, Floodgate. This one is hard to obtain for it is in the hands of one of the Flood. When your hear "There, Over There!'' look to the upper right and for a short second you will see a flood jump across. Kill him in midair and the skull will drop.
6.Famine Skull- Located on the sixth level, The Ark. First you need to climb up the rocks where you go through the intersection. Once your on the structure go to fouth beam. You will have to grenade jump to get the skull.
8.Tilt Skull- Located on eigth level, Cortana. To get to it you have to first get to the room where Cortana says that she "likes to play games". On the left side upon entering you should find mushroom figures. Jump on each of them until you reach the top. There you should find the skull on the ceiling.
9.Mythic Skull- Located on ninth level, HALO. Its is at the very beginnning. Stick to the right and you should find a passage. There is where the final skull awaits.

Silver Skulls
1.Blind Skull- Located in the first mission, Sierra 117. Where you fist meet the Gold Brute continue along the right side of the cliff edge and you should see a small rock pointed out. That is where the skull is located.
2.GBP Skull-Located on second mission, Crows Nest. Before meeting with the Arbiter you should look down the vent. You will see an arrow pointing you to something. Drop down to that ledge and the skull will be there.
3.Cowbell Skull-Located on the Ark. Once finished with the Scarab, go to the central structure and get a gravlift. After going past the room full of Power Cores use the gravlift at the stairwell. The skull should be on the top level.
4.IWHBYD Skull- Located on The Covenant. After killing the flood threat and the Prophet of Truth you will have to jump through the rings in sequence. The ring at the entrance is 1 and the one at the end is 7. The sequence to get the skull is 4654534. Updates have shown that the last 7 notes are the key.

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