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Ranking Structure
LGO Ranking Structure
Halo 3 Emblem – Phoenix (Toggle on or Off)
            The Admiral oversees the entire clan and the LGO Council. Admiral can have CO (Commanding Officer) after their name. Along with the rest of the Council, the Admiral votes on all Vice Admiral and Major promotions. Admiral must also be informed of all Captain promotions. Admiral must have a friend request in every clan.

Vice Admiral
Halo 3 Emblem – Runes (Toggle Off)
            Their will be one Vice Admiral per division. The Vice Admiral will oversee the majors and are in charge of running their division. The Vice Admiral can have XC (Executive Commander) after their name. The Vice Admiral will run the Major meetings and will be part of the LGO Council to vote on all Major promotions. Vice Admirals must have a friend request to all clans. Must approve all Captain promotions.ons.
Halo 3 Emblem – Jolly Roger (Toggle On)
            Majors may be elected to the LGO Council. Majors may have XO (Executive Officer) after their name.  Each Major will oversee between 2 and 4 clans. They will have a friend request to each of their clans and will report to the Vice Admiral. Majors are allowed to rule on any transfers to new clans or to clans of a different game. They are also to be present for any Lieutenant promotions. With the approval of the Vice Admiral, Majors are allowed to promote new Captains or can remove a Captain from duty. Major must also approve any Drill Sergeant promotion. Majors and above may approve a CIA position.
Captain- CPT
Halo 3 Emblem – Valkyrie (Toggle On)
            Captains are the top rank within an individual clan. Captains can promote to Gunnery Sergeant without permission. With the Major present, the Captain can promote to Lieutenant. Each Captain will be held responsible for anything that goes on in their clan. Captains are allowed to appoint Squad Leaders and Assistant Leaders and can make recommendations for Drill Sergeant.
Lieutenant Commander- LT
Halo 3 Emblem – Delta (Toggle On)
              Lieutenant Commanders are the second in command to the Captain within a clan. Lieutenants can promote up to the rank of Sergeant without permission. A lieutenant must be the perfect example to all members of the clan. To be promoted to Lieutenant, the Major that oversees the clan must be present. Lieutenants are always in training to become a Captain.
Recruitment Officer- RO
Halo 3 Emblem – Helmet (Toggle On)
            Recruitment Officer is a special rank. There will be no more than one per clan and it is equal to the drill sergeant, only their main focus is recruiting. They are in charge of overseeing all recruiting in the clan. It will also be part of their duties to help lower ranks learn their recruiting speech, as well as getting them involved in recruiting. The only way to be promoted to Recruitment Officer is by recommendation by captain.
Drill Sergeant- DS
Halo 3 Emblem – Crosshair (Toggle On)
            Drill Sergeant is a special rank. Their will be no more than one per clan and they are to be a very skilled player. The Drill Sergeant’s responsibility is to assist the other members of the clan to become more skilled at the game. The drill Sergeant will be responsible for overseeing all squad activities. It is not a rank that you can be promoted to.The only way to be promoted to drill sergeant is through recommendation from the captain.
Gunnery Sergeant- GS
Halo 3 Emblem – Spartan Helmet (Toggle On)
            Primary job is recruiting. If a Recruit is brought to the Gunnery Sergeant by a younger member, the Gunnery Sergeant is expected to give the Recruiting Speech. Must have a perfect Recruiting Speech, help all members with questions or problems. Allowed to make a LGO tag as of this rank as long as it is approved by their Captain. Gunnery Sergeants are also in charge of teaching the other members of the clan the Recruiting Speech. Gunnery Sergeants are allowed to promote from recruit to private.
Master Sergeant- MS
Halo 3 Emblem – Triplicate (Toggle On)
              The Master Sergeant aids the Gunnery Sergeants in recruiting, is expected to know the entire Recruiting Speech, helps all members with questions or problems.  At the Master Sergeant level, you are expected to begin recruiting new members.
Sergeant- SGT
Halo 3 Emblem – Spartan with Swords (Toggle On)
            Should be in the process of learning the Recruiting Speech. Sergeants must know the entire Ranking Structure and Code of Conduct. Expected to set a good example to lower ranks, and be willing to help other ranks.
Corporal- CPL
Halo 3 Emblem – Mark Of Shame (Toggle Off)
            Corporals are expected to know the Ranking Structure from Recruit to Captain. This is the final learning stage in the Ranking Structure, and they should have a good overview of the Code of Conduct, and will ensure they have completed all tasks of the ranks below them
Private- PVT
Halo 3 Emblem – Diamond (Toggle Off)
            Must be registered on the website before being promoted to Private. Being a Private is a learning stage where they get to know the Ranking Structure and Code of Conduct.
Recruit- RCT
Halo 3 Emblem – Drone (Toggle On)
            Recruit is a probationary phase where the new member learns the way of the clan. They must register on the website before being promoted. The Recruit period should last no more than 5-7 days.
Halo 3 Emblem – Spearhead (Toggle On)
           The CIA rank is for inactive members that have achieved the rank of at least Lieutenant. If a LT or higher cannot fulfill their duties because they cannot get online, they will spend some time in CIA. This is a special rank that you are not promoted to. You may request to spend some time in CIA if you know you will be inactive, even thought this is not always necessary. Majors and up may approve members being moved to CIA. Only a rank for members that are unable to get online.
*LGO Ranks should start with a CAPITAL letter (i.e. LGO Sergeant, LGO Captain, etc.)
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