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LGO Recruiting Speech Introduction

 NOTE:This is not necessarily a direct representation of what you should say. Feel free to put this in your own words as long as you cover all the information.

1) How old are you?  Remember, a recruit must be at least 15 to join. If you are unable to Recruit the person into your clan because of their age simply apologize and send them on their way.
2) In our clan, you must be active. This includes being active on the site, on XBL, and at meetings. Meetings are every Sunday and times are as follows: LGO Council at 8, Lts and Captains at 8:30, and full clan meetings at 9. All meetings are Eastern times. Can you do that?

LGO Recruiting Speech

1) LGO stands for LEGION GAMING ORGANIZATION. LGO is completely grounded in respect. All rules from here on will be based on this foundation.

2) LGO is a professional gaming community looking for people who want to play and have a good time, not join and then disappear. You should be online playing at least once a week and plan on being an active member of the clan.

3) LGO members cannot be part of another gaming community.

4) LGO hosts different types of tournaments. We encourage everyone to participate whenever possible. All tournaments are announced and organized on the website.
5) You must sign up on this site, https://legiongaming.canadian-forum.com, to get promoted.  
6) LGO has a zero tolerance policy about the Code of Conduct/Terms of Service. This is something all people coming into LGO agree to abide by and uphold

Violations, among other things, consist of:
Trash talking
Aggressive Behavior towards other gamers

7) If you violate the Code of Conduct/Terms of Service, you MAY get one warning and then on the second warning you will get booted. Some violations may not require a first warning depending on the severity of the violation.

8) You will never be required to change your name to an LGO tag. It is considered a privilege. You must reach the rank of Gunnery Sergeant before you are allowed to change it. You may ask for special permission to have it changed early.

9) If you leave LGO, you must get permission from a major before returning and will have to start from the bottom of the ranking structure again.

10)LGO believes the games should be fun.
11) From here you will get your recruit in the proper uniform on. Be sure to explain the point of the symbols and colors.(The symbols representhing their rank in the clan and the colors represnting which clan they are in.)
12) You will have your recruit change their motto to LGO "your clan name"- Recruit
13) You will then have the recruit send a friend request to your clan tag and explain what the clan tag is used for.
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