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PostSubject: rules/tips   rules/tips Icon_minitimeJune 22nd 2009, 8:23 pm

- There are no shields unless you pick up the bomb, even then, you need time for the overshield to fully charge.
- No shields means you don't have to be as close as you think while swinging a hammer at an enemy. You can be as far as right before the actual hammer lunge range (when the aiming reticle turns red)
- The hammer can be used for offense and defense, mostly offense and defending teammates that have the bomb.
- The sword should be for defense and picking off single enemies that aren't going for you. This is the best way to kill the person holding the bomb. If you try to hammer the bomb carrier from far away, he might give him a boost toward his objective. Plus he can melee you faster than you can hit him with the hammer.
- If the enemy picks up the bomb, and you're right there, but too far away to lunge at him with sword/hammer, be QUICK and use the hammer to stop his shields from charging up all the way.

- At the beginning have two people rush forward to the bomb and make sure they wont betray each other. These two guys are supposed to clear out the bomb of enemies and if they are successful then they continue defending the bomb from enemies until the other two people behind them grab the bomb. If the first two guys fail, then while they are respawning the two teammates behind them will defend the bomb until the people behind them can pick it up.

- If the other team has the bomb, have one guy stay back at the goal to defend it with a sword.
- The other 3 guys would then go out with hammers OR swords, depending which seems more suitable to you to pick off enemies. The hammer is good for bulltrues and double+ kills. After you kill all the people defending their bomb carrier, then its a good time to sword him down.
DO NOT try to pick off bomb carrier defenders. Only do so if they try to rush you. Sometimes they might try to lead you away from the bomb carrier. When you respawn, try jumping to the left or right you arent spawn killed. The bomb carrier or defenders have chances of getting things like Killionaires, you want to prevent this, obviously, so thats why you should jump.
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